ECU Remapping Gold Package


ECU Remapping Gold Package

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The TRC ECU Remapping Package comes with everything you need – An all in one toolkit that includes all the essentials to start your business

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The TRC ECU Remapping Package comes with everything you need.

  • Covers all manufacters
  • Covers the latest models
  • Genuine tool with 12 months updates

The TRC ECU Remapping Package comes with everything you need.

This package is only available for students of The OBD Company or Automotive Education. Our New Agent Starter Pack has been designed to provide you with everything that you need to start your remapping business.

Brand New Genuine KESS Slave OBD Tuning Tool:

The New Genuine KESS Slave OBD Tuning Tool is the world’s most popular ECU programmer which allows reading / programming the ECU in modern vehicles over OBD. The tool is able to read and write an ECU on the latest bikes, cars and vans. It ensures that the process is executed in complete safety. The tool is extremely easy to use. The tool comes with 1 Year Free Subscription for the latest development and updates!

Additional Equipment:

  • We supply a ex-display laptop, charger, the laptop is also pre-loaded with the remapping software. We also setup the laptop settings to ensure safe programming such as ensuring the battery settings are set to NEVER sleep and much much more.


  • You’ll also receive the DTX diagnostic tool which is capable of accessing the vehicles engine ECU systems displaying ECU information, reading and erasing codes. This is needed to check-over the vehicle before and after tuning the vehicle.


  • The 25 AMP battery support unit, we recommend upgrading this to the Telwin Doctor 50 battery support unit which is designed to sustain the vehicle electrical system, providing a stable power supply source for battery changes during ECU flashing, programming and diagnostic work, preventing disruption to the process and protecting against potentially costly damage to sensitive electronics. The upgrade costs £175.00 but is STRONGLY recommended


  • 60 TRC Portal credits, these credits are used for us to process the tuning request on the file for you. This is our file service. Each car that you tune for example STAGE 1 POWER tune and EGR DELETE would cost 10 credits. This means you can tune the first 6 cars free of charge meaning if you charged £300 for a STAGE 1 Remap you would make a profit of £1,800 without having to spend more money after buying this package.


  • 12 Volt to 240 Volt Power Inverter – This allows you to charge your laptop on the move between jobs


  • Brand New Genuine KESS OBD Tuning Tool (RRP £1,920 inc VAT)
  • Refurbished Laptop
  • 60 TRC Portal Credits (Enables you to remap 6 cars/bikes/vans without the need to buy file credits)
  • DTX diagnostic tool
  • Battery Support Unit for battery stabilization during flashing (25 amp)
  • 12 Volt to 240 Volt Power Inverter
The OBD Shop Limited do not guarantee that this tool will be successful when working on any vehicle included on the manufacturer’s application list, nor do we take any responsibility for issues that may arise when using this tool. We also do not guarantee a server up-time or an active lifespan of any product. We simply sell the tools and offer some aftercare support on them, any hardware or software issues or problems should be taken up directly with the tool manufacturer. Also a release fee may be due on this product if you choice to move the commercial rights to another provider. Image used is for illustration/example purposes only and may not reflect the equipment that you are purchasing. The equipment provided will be explained in the text above. 

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